Friday, May 29, 2015

Three Hours

Normally, it takes me just two hours and maybe a few minutes plus or minus, to drive to Pt. Pleasant Ranch on a nice weekend morning, early.

On Mother's Day, however, it takes at least three hours to drive home. Oh my. But it's what we do. I am learning that I have to just hunker down and drive if I want to do this stuff. Don't think about it, just drive (safely).

The Mother's Day Point Pleasant trial was a nice opportunity for me to run both Spot and Coal, as both Nursery and Open were offered.

Spot...did not spot his sheep. So once again we walked off from the post. I was not upset. I thought he saw them; the judge thought he saw them. He ran part way out but did not see them. I tried re-directing, but no go. Retire. We need to work on him seeing and finding his sheep. I moved that higher up the to-do list.

Coal had a pretty nice run in open, and it was fun except for when he started sniffing the ground after turning the post. He's never done that before! Once he resumed working, things were not too bad. Dogs!!! :-) Our course ended with a shed of two sheep from two; then pen the two. We almost got it done. If I'd been two seconds faster to open the pen gate, we would have gotten it done. I was not the only one in this predicament. Still, it was fun, and nice to have a creative challenge to work on.

For Mother's Day, they always have a nice potluck lunch, with cake, ice cream and tri-tip. I had never heard of tri-tip before I moved to California. And I've even taken the Animal Sciences classes where they have the beef diagram with all the cuts. I am not sure what tri-tip is in the midwest but in California it is the traditional BBQ fare. I have come to appreciate a good tri-tip, whatever it may be called in the midwest!  No cake for me but there was some fantastic berry ice cream. Something to savor and remember on the three-hour drive home!

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