Wednesday, December 16, 2015

Betwixt and Between

Lately, things are, in so many ways, betwixt and between.

We're waiting for the Solstice; we're waiting for Christmas. We're waiting for our  much-anticipated Christmas guests to arrive! :-) I do not like to wish away time.  But we're waiting. I have things to do to prepare but can't do many of those things until a few more days have passed. Waiting!

Coal, Dec 2015
Spot and I have taken some steps back. I've only had a few short opportunities to work with him on the sheep since our last lesson when he was kind of a mess. He was so good when we went on our weekend getaway a few weeks ago, handling fresh sheep in new surroundings, and then bam! things just sort of fell apart. I am walking with him on the drives again, and trying to build confidence as he walks into the sheep. In a larger sense I have stepped back trying to re-think what is the best path to take for him so that we can make some more progress in his training. We probably both could use a confidence builder or two. We are betwixt and between!

It is hard on all the dogs right now. The days are short, and the nights are long. It's hard to get out on the sheep or even to let the dogs out to run, with any regularity. It's hard on me, as that time is my mental and physical therapy, as well. Someone  who is a healer mentioned to me today, that since we didn't have a real winter last year, that folks are going on two annual cycles of never slowing down. People need a real winter in order to rest and rejuvenate. She advised me to try to rest while winter is here. It's hard to do when you live with several energetic border collies! :-)

Winter Sheep

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