Monday, January 11, 2016

Drive Drive Drive

Spot driving the sheep away from me...he's doing better on this part which seemed to create tension in the past...fingers crossed the tension has eased...


Spot driving...ooops maybe he is going to the heads... a stop most likely soon follows this frame..but it's a pretty photo with all the lovely clouds that were visiting us on Sunday afternoon! And he's so handsome!

A rugged individualist leading the sheep packet as Ryme...drives...and covers the draw

Ryme drives and keeps a slow-ish group going
We're driving. Drive, drive, drive. My suggested assignment for the latest round of sheepdog work was to cross drive Spot and the sheep across the pasture, and back again, and back across again, and back again. This was not too simple given the water, water, everywhere...but we gave it a good attempt. Spot was mostly good. I was super pleased.  I interspersed a couple of short-ish fetches and then back to it again, drive, Drive, DRIVE. It's what we need when we don't have the space to do much in the way of gathers. I didn't get pictures of Coal but that's what he did too; drive, drive, drive.

I finished reading Diana Nyad's book last night. Wow, wow, wow, just yowzer. Just FIND A WAY. She was 60 years old when she renewed her quest to swim from Cuba to Florida. She did not give up. She tried FOUR TIMES before she made it. What an inspiration! What drive she has! What great things could we all accomplish if we just would FIND A WAY? :)

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