Saturday, January 16, 2016

Wet Week, Wet Weekend

The rain has been coming day after day...with a cloudy/sunny break day here and there inbetween. I am thankful that there have been no huge storms with deluges that create mudslides, rock slides, and flooding. The news keeps saying that we are not up to par yet with our water amounts, but there is snow in the mountains and more on the way. We need the rain, but I also dislike when it cuts into weekend time spent outside with the dogs. I'm glad we are not lambing, though. I am no fair-weather sheepdogger...I will suit up and work the dogs a little bit this weekend, but it is awfully muddy out there. And, I have chores to do and some barn clean-up would not hurt!

There is a pro-novice and nursery trial this weekend held somewhat locally, that I could have entered, but I am glad that I had my brain engaged enough a few weeks ago, to not enter it. With no chance to work Spot Monday through Friday for the past two weeks, it would have been really stressful for me to be appearing with him at the post at a trial today. I would have been a wreck, which no doubt would have transferred over to Spot.  The dogs are getting anxious but we are surviving. I checked the sunset charts again, and I am targeting the first or second week of February to return to at least a little bit of week-night dog work. It helps to have a target date. :)

I'm still working my way through the new Vergil Holland book, a piece at a time. What an absolute gem this book is!

And, for those who have not seen this training shedding video, posted on To Novice and Beyond on FB by Carol C., take a look and enjoy.

Shedding Game

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