Tuesday, April 5, 2016

Yes and No

The big three Northern California spring sheepdog trials have come and gone. I didn't enter any of my dogs at any of them. Have I missed out? Yes and No.  If I'd had a dog ready, I would have liked to enter at least some of them. I am hoping that by the next time around, we will be ready. Spot is just not quite there yet; I want to feel confident and comfortable in his work before I enter him. I want to be prepared. Coal is just not up to those big long outruns on the hills at Zamora and McCormack any more. Ryme sadly just doesn't have the scope for great big open fields. 

Instead of going to the trials, I've been putting my money and time into training for the first part of this year. We are so lucky to have gone to a Derek Scrimgeour clinic the weekend before last. I took a lot of notes and we had a great time auditing and helping out. My boys got to help move the sheep in and out of the clinic area so they got some work in, even though we weren't entered in the clinic as a participant. I love listening to Derek. He is so clear in his method and so generous with his thought processes. His energy for the work is amazing and very contagious! 

Spot helping at the clinic; photo by Marnie N.
Everything is so lush and green which we have not seen in a while!
The days are finally getting long enough to train my dogs in the evening after I get off work. Finally we can put into play some of the training ideas that we have been collecting over the past weeks and months. I know I missed out by not going to the trials but I also know that Spot and I are making real progress. 

I'm using some of the information from Derek to try to improve Ryme's work, again. 

And I'm cautiously optimistic that Spot and I will get there. :)


Kathy said...

You and Spot will get there. We both will get there. :-)


Billy said...

Thanks, Kathy! I am hoping you are right! :-)