Saturday, April 30, 2016

Until a Few Days Ago

Chiefie portrait from November 2015, by Marnie N.
Until a few days ago Chiefie was having fun, as much as a 14+ year old dog can have. This week, I had to take him to the vet because he did not eat and had a fever, and we got some bad news. Through xrays and an ultrasound, we discovered that he has a mass on his spleen and on his gall bladder. Those masses could be surgically removed, but I do not feel he is a candidate for this surgery.  He is anemic due to the spleen issue as well. I have talked it over with the veterinarians and I am very sad to acknowledge that this means we are coming near to the end of our time together. I don't want to prolong his situation and I certainly don't want those masses to burst, or even more importantly, for him to be in pain. For some unknown reason, he was also having some pretty major back pain, which we now have controlled. We are enjoying a little more time together and next week sometime I will make arrangements to let him go.

That said, after getting him on some pain management this week, this morning he looks almost just about like he did about two weeks ago when we had our fun trip to Ferndale. He's begging for food, wants to go along with the other boys (although at a slower pace), and taking lots of naps. In between he is bright eyed, attentive, and interacting with his friends. What more could we ask besides a happy life right up (almost) until the end? The vet told me to spoil him, let him eat whatever he wants, and just keep his medication levels up and his food and water intake going.

We've had some great adventures and it seems like a very, very, long time ago since December 2001, when he came home with me as an eight-week-old pup who looked like a fuzzy white baby opossum. :)  I'm sure I will write more about him but for now this brings everyone up to speed. Happy weekend to all, and enjoy your dogs. 

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