Thursday, February 6, 2020

Great Britain Travel Blog 14 - Goodbye to Raise Lodge

May 19, 2019

This was our last full day in the UK for the trip. It was cloudy and colder; but no rain. After breakfast and packing up our things, we went outside to observe Derek and Ludi training dogs for one last session. Gloria also worked Foss again.

Derek wanted to show us something with Lynn to take home in our minds: a short flank, walk in, "there" so the dog can be really flexible and walk in at any point that you tell it to. This helps in making little adjustments on the drive, and otherwise. It's not (quote) "natural", but it looks natural and is very smooth.

We had lunch, said our goodbyes, and Gloria drove us in the rental car back to Manchester to the airport. We turned in the car, and got the shuttle back to the hotel. There was lots of reflecting on what all we had seen and done. Over the course of the trip we saw so many good dogs and met countless wonderful folks. The next day we began our long airline journey back to SFO. We had lots of time to think and talk through what we had experienced. It was a wonderful trip and everything I had dreamed of and more.


Amy Coapman said...

It is wonderful to read these long-awaited updates, Billy. I'm so happy you and Gloria had what sounds like the trip of a lifetime. Thanks so much for sharing it with us!

Billy said...

I'm glad you enjoyed reading it!

Jill said...

Really enjoyed your trip Billy, thanks for sharing with us all 💞