Thursday, April 2, 2009

April Fools Dogs

This post is an April Fools' grab bag of this's-and-thats!
First, here is a link to a really great video that promotes the 2009 USBCHA National Finals, to be held in September in Klamath Falls! It is really well done and worth a look. We hope to be there this year!
Second, we are crossing fingers that Bid's improvement continues after his back injury more than 10 weeks ago in a freak swimming accident. He's had three acupuncture treatments and continues on daily doses of Chinese herbs. The holistic DVMs have allowed him to return to just a tiny bit of light sheepdog work to fool him into thinking he's helping out, in order to improve his mental attitude. All of it must be helping because he looks much better. I'm so pleased with his progress and here are photos of him showing the return of a level topline (instead of a poorly bred GSD)...I am very grateful to his traditional DVM, his chiropractor, and the holistic vets as well who have worked to get him better.

Last, just some backyard photos of the dogs doing their thing in the evening after a long day at work for me. Here is Rime doing his best impression of a jump ball, but with a bone that he has stolen off the porch railing:


Rime some more:

And last but not least, Coal. We'll all be traveling to Porterville this weekend for the San Joaquin spring driving trial where Coal will have two Nursery runs.

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