Sunday, April 12, 2009

Counting Blessings (and Sheep)

This photo of Rime is over a week old, but it's the best I can offer for now. He's more leggy and and lanky than this picture shows. Rime never stops moving so it's hard to get any decent shots of him. I will keep trying!

Our weekend did not turn out as planned. The 10-year old truck decided to quit partway and did not allow us to drive up to the Anderson Valley for the season-opener RESDA trial. We made it home (all four dogs in tow, of course) safely thanks to the AAA flatbed tow truck driver who had 35 years' experience. Thank you, George, for being so careful with your cargo!

Today we fared better. The sheep got moved from their winter home to their summer home. Coal proved himself quite useful for penning the group, and containing escaping lambs who acted like popping corn. The lambs were upset about being separated from their mothers for the ride, but it was safer than having them possibly get squished in the trailer. We're thankful that the sheep-moving project was an overall success.

A good lesson with our sheepdog trainer this afternoon rounded out the day. We worked on the trial field with a couple of sets of three Scottish Blackface ewes who were a bit of a handful. All the trialling we have been doing, especially on the range ewes, has taken a toll on Coal's obedience and pace, so we have our assignments for the next two weeks until the Dunnigan Hills trial at the end of the month.

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