Monday, April 20, 2009

Rime is All of 19 Weeks

I'm not sure that 19 weeks is a proper birthday but that's where Rime is right now: somewhere inbetween four and five months and sprouting all over on a daily basis. He still has the "pirate look" with one ear up and one down (the down one occasionally stands up, so I still have hope). What will be will be -- as I'm not into fixing ears! At the vet on Saturday, Rime weighed 22 pounds, so even though he appears skin and bones in these photos, rest assured that he is being fed well on a daily basis and then some!
We're having unseasonably hot weather this week and it was just too hot to do anything after work tonight except sit on the deck and watch dogs play. The baby pool and another large tub of water got filled up so that they can cool off when they feel like it.

Bid is improving slowly with the help of acupuncture and Chinese herbs. I have to be careful with his activity level and keep it just enough to maintain his attitude but not too much to cause a further problem and delay his recovery.
Coal and I are looking forward to the Dunnigan Hills sheepdog trial this coming Saturday where he will have two runs in Nursery.

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Linda said...

All the boys look great! I just love the big smile on Rime, he is adorable!