Friday, August 21, 2009

Let Santa Rosa Decide

Concerned Dog Owners of California

August 19, 2009

Let Santa Rosa Decide


Beginning on Thursday, August 20th, dog owners will go to Santa Rosa to compete in four days of conformation and obedience events.

In competing in those events, dogs will be without their collars; they will not be wearing their tags and owners will not have copies of licenses or Certificates of Sterilization with them. Some of them may not actually be licensed. Some of them may be out-of-state dogs that20have been in the state more than 30 days.

Under SB250, all 10,529 dogs (the number that competed in event in Santa Rosa last year over all the the days of all the shows in Santa Rosa) will be in violation multiple times (multiple days) and if Animal Control chooses to cite them, they must be sterilized. For those competing whose dogs are already sterilized, they will need to come back and prove their dog is licensed. So the only amendment that was made (a licensed dog only has to be sterilized the second time there is a violation) in no way serves the needs of or protects the dogs that will be in Santa Rosa this week-end.

Last year 8963 performance and conformation people attended these dog shows. They spent $1,129,338 on food, hotels and gasoline. But Senators Wiggens and Leno did not ask Florez for an exemption for people bringing this money to Santa Rosa.

Assembly Members Chesbro and Evans have not committed to defeat a bill that would put an end to the safety of animals at dog shows in Santa Rosa. In fact, dog events generate $3,649,000 in Assembly Member Evans district alone. And that is just what the participants spend. It does not include anything spent by people traveling with them. It does not include what it costs to put on the dog show; the tenting, the rentals, the cateri ng, the housing and transportation for judges, the judges meals, the flowers, the trophies, the advertising.

So let's ask the businesses in Santa Rosa if they want SB250 to be passed. At the shows, CDOC President Bil McFadden will have flyers available. Check at the Superintendent's Table. Take a handful. Give one to every local person you meet and every business you patronize. Be vocal.

SB250 is Mandatory Spay and Neuter - plain and simple. In Santa Rosa, the model for Senator Florez likes so much, the cost per capita for their Animal Control Department is almost 2-1/2 times the state average. Ask the people in Santa Rosa if they want their taxes to increase that much.

In Santa Cruz the kill rate is still higher, after 15 years of MSN, than any of the surrounding counties that don't have MSN. Ask the people of Santa Rosa if they want to see more dogs killed.

Ask them to contact their representative and tell them how they feel about SB250.

This is a great opportunity to let the people who will pay for this bill to know what is happening. Be sure you participate.


Florez amendment offers no protections.

So we need to continue the letter writing campaign to the Assembly Members. We've had a great deal of positive feedback on how easy this system is to use.

To make this easy we have put together a special page that has all the information you and they need including the link to the Save Our Dogs page where they can do the letter in less than one minute. You can get to this page by

clicking here

By going to the CDOC website. Go to the Get Involved page where you'll find "Send A Letter".

Please send this link to your Clubs, your friends, and add it to your own website. These letters Assembly Members from their constituent is the most powerful tool we have. If you have a llinked laptop, ask people to do this wherever you go.

$25 AGAINST 250

This is working and is being used to pay for the letters going to the Legislature and printing books. And now for printing flyers for Santa Rosa. So please continue to participate.

We don't have a logo but click here to donate $25.00 for printed materials to Oppose SB250. And then look for your name on our Supporters Page. Let's make sure everyone in California knows just how bad this bill can be.

If there was any doubt about how many more dogs will die if SB250 passes, the City of Los Angeles has resolved those for us.

The proponents would say that this 24% increase - owned dogs that were killed by the City - was due to the economy. But when you look at counties with worse economies, more poverty and higher foreclosure rates, you see that there is one thing that is different about the City of Los Angeles. Mandatory Spay and Neuter. And who brought that to us? Judie Mancuso.


Get this page out to all of your friends and associates so they will get letters off the Assembly Members.

So make your contribution to Defeat SB250 here. With the help of Save Our Dogs and there letter writing system, we'll get the word to everyone!


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