Monday, August 10, 2009

Fun, Fun, Fun

We had a fun weekend in Pescadero, once again participating in an AHBA trial with the Willowside Goose Wranglers. It reminded me of why we do all this stuff with the dogs and livestock--because it's fun!

Coal was signed up for five total runs over two days on three types of stock: goats, geese, and sheep. He did well on all of the runs. I'll have to post a tally later as I don't know all of the final results. We ran on goats and then geese on Saturday, then on Sunday the order was goats, geese, and (finally!!) sheep...Coal was so happy to get back on sheep after all of that! He was a very good sport about working the other stock, though, so I'm proud of him. He'd never even seen goats before but worked them OK.

All of the courses were the ranch style, with practical chores and real situations for dog and handler teams to solve. The geese and sheep courses were the large flock variety, with 15 geese and 40 head of sheep, respectively. Those are always fun.

Thanks once again to Willowside ranch and the wranglers (you know who you are...) for a relaxing and enjoyable weekend.

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Anonymous said...

Hi, Gorgeous pictures! What cute dogs you have. I think there are some trials coming up in Novemberin Pescadero but I cannot find any info about them on the web. Are spectators allowed? If you have any info or links, I'd appreciate if you could share! Thanks so much, Nina