Monday, August 24, 2009

Gentle Readers

I was surprised to hear over the weekend from a few different people that they actually read my blog with some regularity. I am very humbled and complimented to find that out. I knew someone had to be looking at it because the number of visitors on the flag counter keeps increasing! Anyway I hope I will continue to entertain you all enough to come back once in a while.

I did have one visitor who was not pleased with my political views. Here is a hint on social relationships in very general terms: if you call someone a moron they are not likely to respond favorably to you. Hence, comments on my blog are moderated. If you have other views, Blogspot will be happy to set up a blog space for you, all free of charge and you can post to your heart's desire on your own topics.

My political views on SB250 and other mandatory spay-neuter legislation like it come from a desire to preserve a rural and agricultural lifestyle whereever and whenever possible. I want to preserve the working dog in all fields of use: whether it be for search and rescue, herding, K-9 work or the like. My views also stem from a desire to preserve our liberties to act responsibly in this country. I am not a fan of cats but many people are just as devoted to their cats as I am to my dogs. Therefore if a person has a cat of a type that they want to breed and they go to cat shows and such, and enjoy it, and they responsibly produce a litter of cats that they place responsibly in homes, I will defend that person's right to do so. This is not to say I support puppy or kitten mills. But it is a person's right in America to act responsibly and account for their own actions. Enough said and that is only the tip of the iceberg. For much more information, just visit the website. They can say it much better than I can and they are my heroes.

So, we will return to our regularly scheduled programming of silly stories and photos of dogs. Life is good, but short. Enjoy.

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