Friday, November 13, 2009

Dunnigan Hills Pro-Novice (and Nursery) 11/13/2009

Coal ran today in the Pro-Novice class at the Dunnigan Hills trial outside of Zamora, CA. The nursery runs were combined with the pro-novice runs so we had about 15 dogs. It was a fun and relaxed day with lovely weather (and only a slight amount of Zamora wind!).

I was really pleased with Coal as he placed second in the first go-round! He won a purple water box for his efforts. His score was only two points off the winning score and his run really didn't have much out of place. We were working together well and we had a nice even packet of sheep. Unfortunately, I didn't write down all the scores but here is what I got:

Anne Mock & Ben - 84 (also won the Nursery)
Billy & Coal - 82
Anne Mock & Zac - 74
Sandra Milberg & Brew - 73
Marilyn Bates & Jill - 67
Karen Kollgaard & Cali - 51

We got a second run after lunch, which I tried to use as a practice. I sent Coal to his non-preferred side on the outrun, so the outrun was not as good as I would like but at least he got out there. We had a fast packet of sheep with one ewe who wanted to speed in the lead, so we had trouble keeping her on course with her buddies. We missed the fetch gates and the second set of drive panels. As a result we lost more drive points than in the first run and ended up with only a 67 which was OK with me. I tried some things that we have been working on and I felt it was a successful practice. I feel like we have to try these things we have been working on in order to improve for next time and the next...The top group of scores on the second run (not all the scores, again, unfortunately) were:

Sandra Milberg & Brew - 78 (also first in Nursery)
Patty Sowell & Del - 78 (tie broken on outwork I believe)
Anne Mock & Ben - 77
Kathy Hoffer & Craig - 70
Marilyn Bates & Troy - 68
Billy & Coal - 67

We're going back on Saturday to run non-compete in the Open. It should be fun!

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Amy Coapman said...

Way to go, Billy and Coal! I'll bet that really felt good. Here's to continued success!