Saturday, November 14, 2009

Windy Day in Zamora - Dunnigan Hills Open 11/14/09

So today it was the more typical day in Zamora - wind that cuts right through your coat, stings your eyes, makes it hard to whistle, and cools your coffee before you can drink it. Spectators and handlers alike at the Dunnigan Hills Open were dressed in parkas with their hoods pulled up so that hardly anyone was recognizable. Amazingly the dogs did not seem to care and they were as keen for their sheep as ever. Some really good runs were to be seen in the Open trial which featured a longer outrun, and a longer and wider crossdrive than the Pro-Novice, plus a shed of any two sheep off of the five total, after the pen.

Coal and I were lucky to be able to run non-compete Open at the end of the day, after the competitive runs. Total points possible were 100. Coal did a beautiful outrun, lift and fetch; we battled a little on the crossdrive but eventually I convinced him that it was "my way or the highway" and we continued on through the second set of drive panels and back to the pen. We completed the pen, had just started on our shed, when time was called. Whew! I was very pleased. His score was a 76.

I believe the overall scores will be posted on the NCWSA website ( I did not get all the scores but the top 6 are (unofficially) as follows:

1st - Anne Mock & Taff - 90
2nd - Leslie Pfardresher & Bill - 87
3rd - Sandi Andersen & Best - 86
4th - Sandra Milberg & Drift - 85
5th - Nicky Riehl & Sage - 84
6th - Mike Meredith & Gus - 80

Thanks to all who helped to make this trial happen.

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