Monday, November 30, 2009

Thanksgiving Wrap-Up

Thanksgiving is over but giving thanks is not...

The long weekend wraps up today with an extra day taken off work. The weather has been mostly glorious and the dogs have played or worked every day. Much progress has also been made here at the house. I could stay very busy each and every day without going to the office!

Gas logs substituted for the wood stove, which is better for breathing! Still very cozy...

Rime's sheepdog training is coming along well but I think he needs a bit more maturity for working. He will not be a year old until next Sunday so there is plenty of time to let him grow. It has been nice to have extra time to play with him and see what he can do. Coal gets pushier and pushier, which is not unwelcome; it gives me "more dog" to work with for which I am very grateful! Chiefie has enjoyed his play group and seems fit and healthy. Lambs are arriving. All is well so far...for which I am thankful.

Time to take down the Thanksgiving decor and get out the Christmas treasures...oh and work dogs of course.

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