Sunday, January 31, 2010

Sunny Sunday; Rainy Forecast

Today was nice and sunny and I soaked it up like some sort of lizard. Coal and Rime and I had really good lessons today. Coal did really big-boy work, and is looking very good on all of his outwork and drives. Our only real challenging area right now is the shed so I just have to keep working at it and not get frustrated. Rime hasn't had as much practice as I would have liked (due to three weeks of rain and mud) and we were a bit helter-skelter. Rime will be 14 months old, next weekend, and is of course quite enthusiastic. He shows really nice moves when I am not interfering with him. He also got to start driving today, just one step at a time, which was a thrill. I have to get calmer in my training management of Rime (and in shedding with Coal). I think it's time to go back and re-read my old favorite book, "That Winning Feeling".

Oh and it's supposed to rain every day this upcoming week, which is not helping my winning feeling!

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