Monday, January 18, 2010

Wild Weather; Mild Report

Lately, there hasn't been much to report. Given what is going on around the world, I have absolutely no problems and am very thankful to be so fortunate. Yesterday the forecasted winter storms started, with lots of rain and wind. We truly need the rain, however, I would prefer that it would rain without the big storms. It looks like I will not get my wish this week. Lots of places are under standing water. Here's hoping the rest of this week is not too bad.

Luckily there have been breaks inbetween storms so that we can still check sheep and work dogs. We're chipping away at assignments from our lessons weekend before last. I don't make a lot of progress during the work week, although tonight I worked with both Coal and Rime in the mud fest because it wasn't raining. Tomorrow evening it could be pouring, so I thought "why not"? After pulling a screaming lamb out of the fence where she had her head stuck through, Coal and I worked on our shedding. Then Rime and I worked on his little gathers; he didn't want to stop very well tonight, but on the good side he is getting more of a cast to his work, for lack of a better term. Some forward progress, some back, but I am glad to have the chance to work even for five minutes with each dog on a weeknight.

The Zamora running orders are out, and Coal and I are on the list for Pro-Novice. So, the countdown begins for that February trial, giving us something additional to gear up for.

Stay warm and dry, all. It is not so bad to not have much to report.

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