Tuesday, March 2, 2010

Coal is Three and a Half Years Old

It's almost incomprehensible how quickly time flies by. Coal is now three and a half years old and definitely the "go-to" dog for everything. When Bid left us unexpectedly last year, Coal stepped into some big shoes to fill but has taken on the responsibility and then some. Coal can do anything I need him to do with our sheep...he shows finesse, patience, grit, and sometimes a bit of cowboy!

I was searching for some photos for another project and found these from late 2006. I can hardly believe that this little puppy is now my right hand man..a great and willing sheepdog partner. I just had to share them.

Coal and Chief became great pals!

Except when Coal would pounce on Chiefie!

I love this one of Coal and Augie. I am so glad that Coal got to spend time with Augie in what were to be Augie's last few months with us. I'm pretty sure that Augie passed on some of his wisdom.

Augie allowed Coal to snuggle up with him on his blanket.

Augie was so gentle (at age 14+) with a raucous puppy.

And I can't resist showing this lovely shot of Bid taken at the same time.

None of the dogs are ever with us long enough but we treasure them all.

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PlumRidgeDogs said...

Those are great photos of Coal and it brought tears to my eyes seeing him as a little puppy with Augie. I am glad you found and posted those!!!