Saturday, March 20, 2010

Sonoma Wine Country 2010, Pro-Novice

Coal and I had a good afternoon yesterday at the Sonoma Wine Country Trial. He ran almost last which was after 5:00 PM. But by then the air had started to cool and a slight breeze had kicked up which was most welcome after an afternoon that was almost too warm (we are not used to 80 degrees yet!).

The range ewes behaved tolerably well and we were able to get around the course, but timed out after starting to work on our pen. I wish we could have moved things along a little faster throughout the run, so we could have completed that pen but overall I was really pleased. He got 10th place with 59 points and since the awards are so generous at this trial, we were lucky enough to go home with a pretty ribbon and a nice bottle of wine. I was really thrilled when I realized that he lost only five points off his drive. Wow!

It was fun to catch up with friends and enjoy the afternoon at a beautiful spot. Thanks to all who helped. The Open runs continue Saturday and Sunday on the two fields simultaneously.

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