Monday, March 8, 2010

Goose SheepDogs

Yesterday Coal and Rime got to work geese as well as sheep, at our friend Joyce's place. It was Rime's first time ever trying out the geese, and he took right to it, well, for lack of a better term, like a duck to water! I was really pleased with Rime's reaction. We went into the goose pen, I laid him down, walked halfway to the geese, and sent him around. He worked them like he'd done it all his life and had no hesitation, whatsoever. Geese are fun and give us more variety at the AHBA trial venue, so I was really happy to see Rime working so well on them. Coal hadn't been on the geese since last summer so I gave him a quick turn just as a reminder.

They both also worked well on some light yearling woolie ewes who act differently than the sheep we have been working for weeks. It was a fun outing! I thought going to a new place would mean I'd have to take a few steps backward with Rime but instead he surprised me by taking a couple of steps forward instead. Yes!

OK, so these are not the exact geese we were working, but they are placeholders and I figure that a photo makes the post more interesting. ;-) 

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