Wednesday, May 26, 2010

My Introduction to Sheepdog Trials

The 1991

The first sheepdog trial I ever attended was the Bluegrass Classic in 1991. It was held at the Kentucky Horse Park on the cross-country field. Below are some photos I recently ran across that have sat in a box for all these years. I am not sure who all the people are, although I have a few guesses. If anyone knows for sure who they are, please feel free to comment. I have a few more photos that do not have any people in them, but they do show how beautiful the cross-country field was for holding a top-notch trial such as the Bluegrass. If I get some more time, I will scan those too.

There must have been a brace demonstration.


Kathy said...

Pictures 7 and 8 down from the top look like Kathy Knox.

The others I don't know.

Billy said...

I do remember Kathy Knox as being there that weekend. I am not sure if these two photos are she or the other two of the lady in the white outfit (or both). I think the first photos of agentleman wearing a tie are Jack Knox but again I am not sure.

Amy Coapman said...

Would the lady in white be Amanda Milliken?

Billy said...

Amy, it's possible as I remember Amanda Milliken being there.
The ladies really dressed up on the final day, in addition to the men in their neckties. Some of the ladies were in long skirts/boots/etc.
I wish the photos were clearer! ;-)

Billy said...

Today I showed the pictures to someone who was there that year. He says that the lady with the red dog was Lyle Lad with Jock. He agreed on the Jack Knox photos.