Saturday, May 8, 2010

Tall Grass

I took some pictures today of the boys working sheep in the tall grass at our sheep field.

Here is a link to the Picasa album where I uploaded the pictures. I haven't taken the time to doctor them up at all. I will probably play with a few of the photos and see what I can do with them later.

The mixed flock of ewes and lambs, dry ewes, and wethers totals 65 head. It makes a nice group to work Rime on at his age (now 17 months as of this past week). He has to take things slowly and carefully and pay lots of attention to what he is doing. Rime has been promoted to gate-sorting, too, which he's getting the hang of. He's pretty trustworthy holding sheep to me, to count them through the gate, or sort down to a smaller number for a working group. We're working on baby outruns and a few steps of a drive. Rime is starting to learn his flank commands and I am starting the steady whistle which he seems to take to really well. The large flock is also a good group to work on Coal's shedding.

The field is tall and the foxtails will soon be too dangerous to work here. But for another week or two it should be all right as everything is still green.

There are also some pictures of Chiefie just hanging out. He is always so photogenic. At eight and a half, he is fit and healthy and seems relatively happy being the leader of the pack.

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