Sunday, May 9, 2010

Reflections in Black and White

I played a little bit with the pictures I took yesterday and liked how these two looked in black and white. Rime is just barely learning to drive (with me walking along with him) and stay behind his sheep. He really wants to head them but I am trying to show him that it is way more powerful to be confident in pushing them from behind.

Appropriate for Mother's Day, when we went to the field today, there was a newborn white ewe lamb. It's too bad I didn't take my camera along today. I am trying to let Rime do whatever chores there are to be done, which at this point consists mainly of just bringing the big group in and penning or gate-sorting them. Rime and I had walked out to the flock and I sent him Away. He was hesitant about something so I kept on walking out. There was the new lamb, bright white, dry and making her way through all that tall grass with the rest of the group. Many of the other sheep were smelling her. Rime did not know what to make of a new lamb and her protective mother. I could have gone back to the truck for Coal, but I thought, "no, let Rime do it if he can." Eventually I picked up the lamb and walked backwards with her in front of mom, with Rime behind her and we got them all into a pen for safekeeping. Rime kept sniffing where the lamb had been, looking for clues as to what this little alien creature was. Rime had his first "lambing job" today. By next season he will be better prepared!

Mother's Day

Mother's Day is a tough weekend for me, I will confess. Our own Mother passed away, of course, in 2006. Then at Mother's Day weekend 2007, I had to say good-bye to Augie, who literally meant the world to me. Last year, I had to say good-bye suddenly to Bid, who had my heart. Augie and Bid, I miss you both every single day. There is not a day that goes by that I don't think of each of them. I've spent a quiet weekend thinking about all this. I am still so fortunate to have three good dogs and wonderful family and friends. So if I am not happy today, then when? That's the mantra in black and white.

Happy Mother's Day to all my adopted moms including to Chloe who presided over a fun brunch yesterday.

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livin life said...

yes...then when? I also think my definition of "happiness" has matured a bit......peace.....I strive for internal peace. Happy Mother's Day to you touch a lot of lives...and for that I am thankful!