Monday, February 21, 2011

Back from Zamora 2011

The boys and I are back from the Zamora sheepdog trial, 2011 version. Coal had two runs in the Open and I was really pleased that he was able to run out and bring me the sheep. Especially during trial #1, the course, the weather, and the sheep were winning alot of the time, so being able to just get the dog out there and the sheep down the fetch was no small accomplishment. Coal was very game and we timed out during part of the cross drive (as many teams did). During trial #2 with a slightly altered course, we actually got all 'round the course and timed out attempting the single. There is a lot to work on but I'm very happy with what we were able to do, and most especially that Coal left my feet with purpose on both outruns. It was also a huge thrill to see him coming down that big hill with the sheep, on both runs.

Rime ran today in the Nursery. The outrun was shortened (a little!) and the drive compressed. The pen was moved across the ditch to join the rest of the course. The same sheep were used as in the Open. There were several good runs before us as well as a couple of blow ups; gotta love the nursery class. What I was most pleased about with Rime was that he ran out so purposefully from my feet. This was Rime's first nursery trial and only about his third trial of any kind and certainly the first where I have not "helped" him on his outrun by walking out. The distance and the hills did not seem to bother him. Rime is very green though and has never seen anything like these range sheep so he put a bit too much body language into his run and we were rightfully DQed on the drive.

The trip was fun but we are glad to be home!

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marlacorey said...

So glad you had fun and did well. Wish I could of made it over the pass to watch, I should make it for Sonoma trial all three days.