Sunday, February 6, 2011

Sunny and Warm Photos

The weather here has been unseasonably warm and dry, while at the same time our friends across the country in the midwest and east are experiencing what seems to be a never ending round of snow storms, ice storms, and very cold weather. Right now we in Northern California have an embarrassment of riches in our weather. I'm sure we will get our "due" of rain and cold any time now. But until then it is enjoyable to feel that warm sun. Thanks to Teri for once again getting some nice shots of my boys when we traded off working our dogs on the sheep.

These first three shots are my boy Coal. He has such a friendly outgoing temperament, loves to work sheep, and is a great partner when I have him help me with chores. Off of sheep he is a silly clown and loves to play....constantly. You will find him with some sort of "binky" in his mouth 24/7 when he is not on the stock - it will either be a ball, a bone, a stick, a toy, or whatever he can find. Coal doesn't just wag his tail; he wags his whole body. Coal is truly a happy little guy.

Coal driving, with some of our sheep

Coal cooling off after his turn
These last two photos are of Rime cooling down in the little "pond". The dogs and the sheep are not quite acclimated to the warm temperatures, so we had to take short turns of working. Rime is looking quite grown up in these pictures. He is still very much the two-year-old in his work. We have our ups and downs but his work is coming along. We were fortunate enough to have lessons last weekend that were very helpful, for both dogs. Keeping that momentum going is the goal!

Rime cooling off

Guess where the sheep are?

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