Wednesday, February 16, 2011

Paul Morgan Painting

It's very exciting because it looks like I am really going to be able to get an archival-quality photographic print of this oil painting by western artist, Paul Morgan. One of his other paintings is going to be used on a poster for the upcoming Hotchkiss (Colorado) sheep dog trial. Both paintings are going into the printer next week to be photographed; one for the dog trial poster, and the other, for me!

If you look at these photos of Bid, you will see why I fell in love with the painting. Take a look at the other art on the Paul Morgan blog; there are lots of really great images captured in oils.


Kathy said...

Could you post the link for Paul Morgan's blog?? I'd appreciate it. Thanks.

Billy said...

Sure; there is a link within the latest post and on my blog "list" but here is the link to their blog as well:



Kathy said...

Funny thing is that the link wouldn't show up for me within your blog post. And I didn't catch it on your blog list.


Anonymous said...

It's as if the artist used Bid for the picture, the likeness is so striking. TT

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