Saturday, April 28, 2012

Dog Food Diaries, or, "Oh now I see your tattoos!"

The dog food diary continues.

I realized that I did not have enough of the dreaded kibble to carry us over into next week, when I hope to start the boys back on raw. With many errands to accomplish on Friday besides working, I ran into a small locally-owned pet store that I like, near my frequent lunch stop. For some reason my feeble brain had registered that this shop carried Orijen, when I had stopped there in the past. No such luck. No Orijen. No Wysong. The friendly proprietor told me they are in negotiation with a distributor in order to carry Orijen, but not yet. I needed dog food and didn't have time to go to the other store (across town) that I knew carried Orijen AND Wysong. Surveying what else he had in stock that might be close to the Orijen, we came up with this:

I gave the guy my card to pay for the food. After swiping it and handing the card back to me, the fellow says to me, "You work on (street name of my office building), right? In suite 300?" My mind raced as to how this young man might know where I work. I was relieved when he then said, "I work for Fed Ex two days a week and I deliver to your building all the time. I recognized your name."  Whew! I don't have a dog-food selling stalker!  Then I realized that I hadn't recognized him because he had on long sleeves and long pants; normally when I see him making Fed Ex deliveries he has on shorts and a short sleeved shirt. That way you can see more of his (many) tattoos! So out of my mouth I blurt, "Oh yeah - I see your tattoos now!" Luckily he has a sense of humor. Turns out that he and his dad own the pet shop. Yes I will be back to buy stuff even with the boys on raw. After the tattoo comment I probably owe him at least one more sale every so often!

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