Friday, April 27, 2012

Convenience, but at a Price?

Photo by G. Atwater
Coal on the hill course at Sonoma Wine Country SDT, 2012
The boys are still eating dry dog food. It feels weird. It is convenient, but I wonder when I set down those bowls, how good it is for them. I can't wait to get them back on raw, which I hope will be soon. Even after just a couple of weeks, their breath is getting bad. They drink SO much water after they eat! I worry about it.

On the other hand, meat prices have skyrocketed. It's getting harder to source the raw food for them without going "whole paycheck". So far their coats look great and they are in good weight. It has taken a little adjusting to find the right amount for each dog. Coal and Chief would eat anything; Ryme is a little more picky. It may be that I will have to go back to the schedule we were on in 2009 - that is, one meal raw, one meal kibble. To be continued...the dog food diaries!

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