Friday, April 13, 2012

Persistence, Your Name is Mr Chewy

Several months ago (way back in January) I got a cheery email from Mr. Chewy. He offered a discount on an order if I would review his website on my blog. At the time, several others of the bloggers that I visit were also reviewing Mr Chewy. It seemed like a  whole lot of Mr Chewy, all at once, so I thought I'd wait until the Mr Chewy uproar kind of died down, to do my review. And, I mostly feed raw food, so the order discount was not as enticing to me as it may have been to some. And so, life intervened...

But Mr Chewy is a very persistent fellow! A couple of weeks ago he emailed me again, saying that he would still like for me to review his website and would still offer the discount. In the meantime I had heard from several friends who had ordered from Mr Chewy very successfully. The service was good. Shipping is free if you order at least $49 (which is easy to do at today's dog food prices, plus the vast selection from Mr Chewy). With gas prices over $4/gallon in most places that free shipping probably sounds pretty enticing. I thought to myself, I should have no problem giving Mr Chewy a good review! And, I was discovering that I would be doing some traveling this year, so it might be good to find some dry dog food that my guys could transition to, temporarily, for those trips. As much as I adore feeding them raw food, it is a pain (which I do endure) to feed them raw on trips, especially trips longer than a night or two away from home. Fridges in motels seem to be constantly in Arctic mode, so that the food never thaws out; I end up keeping the food in the ice chest so it can thaw but not spoil, which defeats the purpose of having the mini-fridge. But I digress.

I did some inquiring on Facebook and email with border collie and other doggie friends as to what dry foods they have found successful for their dogs. Mainly I was looking for something not manufactured by Diamond (which leaves out a whole huge sector of the marketplace). I'd also had a bad experience with a very popular brand not made by Diamond. One friend on Facebook happens to be a consultant at a popular non-chain pet food store. Oh boy could she tell the tales! Before I knew her actual job title, I thought she must be a hair dresser, based on her comments about her clients. I looked through Mr Chewy's website and easily found the brand that most folks recommended: Orijen.

So, that's what I ordered, along with these two Wysong products, just to try them out. I thought they looked interesting, and I hadn't seen them in the local feed store where I have bought other Wysong (Synergon - see below). I have used Wysong off and on for a while, as an emergency back up food.

The Optimal Performance is small bites, much smaller than the Orijen. It also has small clumps of powdery stuff which I assume is the "raw" aspect that is advertised about this product. My dogs all liked it. They also liked the Epigen. Both products are very rich, based on their ingredients list. I am just using them as an additive to the Orijen. Unless your dog is working all day, every day, I think they would be too much for his or her sole food.

Below is the Wysong product I have bought at my local feed store. It comes in convenient small packages and is priced very competitively with the other popular brands. It is a lower-octane product and probably more appropriate for a retired but active dog like Chiefie. The quality has always been consistent.

While I normally feed raw (and usually a certain proportion of that is raw/frozen tripe), I like to keep some canned food on the shelf for emergencies, like when there is no raw food thawed out, or for those dreadful "almost payday" woes that mean the freezer is nearly empty. The canned food of choice around here is Trippett (canned green tripe), which Mr Chewy does not carry. That is one recommendation that I would make to Mr Chewy: please carry Trippett in cases and it is one thing I might order more often.

Otherwise, rock on, Mr Chewy, you're doing a great job! I noticed that he shipped out of PA, which means it is a long haul for the food to get here. That might explain why it took a week to get here via Ground. Still, I would order from him again.

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