Monday, August 13, 2012

Fun in the Sun - Awards

Here is my last set of photos about the Fun in the Sun trial. There are a lot more great photos in the Picasa link, posted earlier! These are the awards, on Sunday. Most of the nice prizes were donated. Some were donated by Working Kelpies Inc. members, and others were donated by local stores, friends, and students of the trial hosts. As a judge it is fun to hand out nice prizes, but of course the winning and improving and achievement is what takes place out on on the field - and many times much of what we are competing with, is inside ourselves to improve our own performance of working with our own particular dog.

Level 2 award

High scoring Kelpie

High Combined over the weekend in Level 3 (I think!)

Beautiful border collie quilt for high combined

Level 3 HIT on Sunday (I think!)

Most promising started Kelpie (I know!) Prize was a leather lanyard with silver kelpie item on it.

And the winner of the big kahuna, the Jackpot trial.

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