Saturday, August 11, 2012

Photos from Fun in the Sun AHBA, Part One

Two weekends ago we had a ton of fun judging and running in the local "Fun in the Sun" AHBA trial sponsored by the Working Kelpies, Inc. national club.

Some photos have been released from that trial that will show you all just how fun it was!

There is a complete album of pics online in a Picasa Album.

I've pulled out a few that are fun for me that are sort of "infrastructure related" for lack of a better term. There are some others that I will use later to talk about the course, and of course the wonderful awards.

Handlers Meeting at the gate where the blind gather began

Isn't this the cutest decorated Y-chute you have seen?

Queen of the Septic Mound - a good spot to judge from!

Dedicated stock handlers, 1 of 2 who kept the trial rolling with consistent quiet sets all day!

The other Queens of the Septic Mound! yeah!

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