Wednesday, August 15, 2012

Updates from a Busy World...

There are still a lot of photos that I want to post from Sonoma County Fair...when I get the time to edit and organize them. I'm working on it...

I am also working on creating a page on the blog for each of my dogs, past and present. You'll see tabs across the top of the blog, one each for Alix, Augie, Bid, Chief, Coal, and Ryme. I would like to add one for Joker but haven't gotten there yet. The tabs are not in any particular order; they are just the random order that I started to play with them. I didn't even realize that Blogger could perform this feature until recently. Live and learn. For now, I have at least one picture for each dog and sometimes more. I'm working on collecting special links to put on each dog's page.  Just more organizing that I want to do.

I'm also working on organizing and making archives of more than two years of photos. Ugh! Now there is a chore that I hadn't realized that had been neglected. One thing leads to another.

There is just not much time to do all this inbetween working at my very busy job, and sleeping a little bit... and exercising dogs and taking care of sheep and so forth. We got some new sheep and we're moving on some older ones to where they will be used for more dog training. Dogs need work...not entered in any trials for a while...but still we have much to polish up and improve. Not to mention taking care of self. The blog will inch along, bit by bit.

So, we are not going to the National Finals........bummed....but facing facts about finances, old tires, dead trees, and so forth. When one door closes, sometimes another opens. Coal will soon have a birthday. More blog posts, waiting to happen.

A big thumbs up from our esteemed doggie chiropractor recently on the raw diet for the dogs. She says she can feel a positive difference in the muscling of the raw fed dogs vs the kibble-fed dogs. My two working dogs, Coal and Ryme, are as well muscled as any dogs she works on, she said. That is really a vote of confidence because sometimes I wonder about the effort and expense that goes into their raw diet.

Anyone besides me making use of the Redwood Credit Union Shred-A-Thon this weekend? Yes!!! Clutterers unite!

And there is still plenty of room in the NCWSA Scottish Games sheepdog trial for Labor Day weekend. Send me those entries!

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