Sunday, September 30, 2012


We've racked up some miles in the past couple of weeks both on the vehicles and on the dogs. I haven't trialled much this summer but lately have taken the boys to two AHBA trials with the goal in mind of adding to Ryme's trial experence "passport", so to speak. Ryme has gotten some good experiences and most importantly he and I are getting together better as a team in a trial environment. That is not to say that everything has been perfect with him - because it hasn't  - but we have made it through four ranch course runs out of four attempts and got a decent score on all of them. No thank yous, no DQs, no RTs, and even two placements. It feels sort of nice! Coal got to run too in some of the trials. He is just so fun to run and keeping him tuned up is a good goal as well.

The trials were in close quarters to be sure, but the good side of that allowed me to stay close to my dog to help him if need be. The next item on my to-do list will be to work on stretching Ryme back out again at longer distances.  I'm grateful to have AHBA as a supportive environment for putting mileage on my dogs. Luckily no one takes it too seriously and the main goal for the day is usually to have a nice time with dogs, visit with friends, perhaps share some delicious food or at least some interesting conversation. Oh yeah and work dogs of course!

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