Tuesday, September 4, 2012

Checking In...with the HHS

Hello blogging world, yes we are still alive. Things have just been so busy. The past weekend I spent at the Pleasanton Scottish Games, being the secretary for the NCWSA sheepdog trial there. I have dozens of photos to sort through...a chore that is going to have to wait at least a while.
But....these two photos just can't wait. Some seriously nice guys from Fresno, just out having fun at the Games that I started chatting with from my "field office"--despite the fact that I am just a foot soldier after all -- ...and then after reading their t-shirts I had to have photos. They happily complied!


Cinch up your kilt!
Gird your loins!
And just eat it!
Words to live by from the Haggis Hurling Society (of Fresno, with token member from Ventura County)

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