Tuesday, September 11, 2012

The Boys of Fall

Some impromptu cell phone photos from a recent evening sheep check and dog run/work.
The shadows are getting longer and the daylight in the evenings gets shorter and shorter. Fall is here even though we are having very warm days!

The calendar says we are into Fall...Soldier Hollow, Meeker, the International Supremes, and the Finals. The annual cycle continues while we cheerlead for our friends and favorites on the running orders, the semi finals, and the finals of each event. A couple of our friends and mentors took young dogs into these trials this year and came out not on top but with good goes and a greater experience level for their youngsters...very proud of them and looking forward to more.

I do like the theory on the Supremes where no scores are posted and the winners are announced from 15th up, at the end of the day after the driving championship. With so much information being transmitted almost instantly these days, I think it would be cool if our US Finals would do that for the final day -- keep the scores silent to save some buildup for the end, and the prize-giving.

The boys here are enjoying their autumn evening sheep works (and play/run/soak time after) and so am I; in a few weeks we will be down to the last little nubs of daylight and I will miss these times for them to run and work, until spring starts to appear and the days get longer again.

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