Sunday, April 14, 2013

Another Nice Workday

This time it was NCWSA's turn to have a workday, at Oak Springs Ranch. Beautiful day/weather, really lovely sheep (about a quarter of them Katahdins and the remainder Dorper-Dorset crosses which is a really nice cross for young dogs)... a happy group of people. Lots of visiting and catching up done in between runs.

I was just a low-key helper, doing the check-in part...and Coal and I helped set out for a couple of runs. Coal would have liked to do more. He is not getting enough work, these days. I am still getting over that bad flu; it is hanging on with a vengeance. Before the work day started, I had a chance to pick up a set of sheep off a spotter, with Ryme. Ryme still has a hot spot on his come-bye flank when he is at a distance from me and if he is a little unsure. But otherwise he was obedient and nice. I keep working with him...

Spot update: he continues to try to fit in and please me. He now jumps into the Dodge so I don't have to pick him up. Yay! When we go in the pickup, he runs up and down the doggie ramp. He is really too big to pick up any more so these are both very welcome news. And he has (most of the time) quit the daily dumping of the water bucket in his kennel. It's the little things, yeah. :-) We have let him have another turn on the sheep and he demonstrated the nicest little turn in and walk on in balance that you have ever seen. Fingers crossed. I will keep letting him have a turn whenever we can arrange it and he will tell us when he is ready for more. He is not yet eight months old (not quite) so not really ready for "training".

Yay, there is another day left today in the weekend. Enjoy!

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