Wednesday, April 10, 2013

Like Zamora without the Ditch

I went and spectated at the MacCormack Ranch sheepdog trial one day this past weekend. What a slice of heaven that ranch is! The trial field was almost just like Zamora but without the ditch.

Endless rolling hills of green fields.... but unlike Zamora surrounded by wind turbines. Those things are first they bugged me but after an hour or so I guess I got used to them. I'm glad it wasn't super windy because then I think their movement would have been really distracting. Anyway what a beautiful trial. Lovely sheep, fantastic field...well organized but simple and no frills. If you wanted to camp out there was a separate camping field within walking distance of the trial field, nice and flat and easy access.

I am hoping this trial can be a regular event in our area. I have not seen the results but I know Bill Berhow won the Saturday trial with his Coal.

Since I was getting over the flu I was glad I had not entered. My Coal and I are not feeling too confident (well he may be but I still am not) about running in open right now. So it was good just to watch and think about runs as they happened and not be standing at the post. I left early to go home and take care of myself but it was a nice day spent among trialling friends.

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