Monday, April 1, 2013

Don't Mention It

Seems like there is a oneforthebook jinx regarding sheep and lambs. If I take a photo of a lamb, it dies. If I blog about sheep, something dies. If one of us posts a photo of a ewe and lamb on Facebook, well you know the story, don't mention it....I know this is crazy but don't look for any sheep related blogs any time soon! :-) At least not related to OUR sheep...any time soon...

We put Spot on the sheep, briefly, this past weekend. Just a check-in, as he is only seven months old. He is too immature for "training" but I wanted to check in and see where he is with things. He is very keen. The setup was not perfect so the outcome was less than I might have liked to see but he was not bad. Only one wether jumped the fence into the neighbor's pasture. No people ended up in the mud.  It's all good! :-)  Spot is really starting to "click" with me and it feels like he thinks he is my dog now. He is sweet. He was willing to hang out when I first bought him but now I think he is more attached. That relationship will be useful once we do start to work sheep more regularly.

How did you spend your Easter and April Fools Day? Me: "with the flu". February and March were just a blur. I am hoping that April will have some clearer and healthier moments.

Thanks to Lora at Rocking Dog Ranch for the link to the Ask-A-Vet-Sheep blog. Very pertinent topics!


livin life said...

My pleasure and thank you for your blog that inspires me in your quiet way of inspiration! Have you heard of Laura Lawson? She has two books out that were reccomended to me by Kenleigh Acres Farm....I have them at the ranch and could not do this whole lamb/ewe thing without them. Parasites are hurting us up here this year with mild winter and early wet warm spring. Good luck with your "don't mention thems" ;)

Billy said...

Thank you; are these the books you are mentioning?: