Saturday, December 7, 2013

5 Years Old

Ryme turned five years old yesterday. It's hard to believe that time has sped by so fast.

He's a challenge for me, as his view of the world is not quite as it should be, for a good working border collie. I keep trying to work with him and he clamors to work with me and the sheep. He's a great ranch dog and excels at sorting. We're trying to teach him to hold sets for others to practice outruns; it's a slow process as Ryme does not always lie still to allow the working dog to take the sheep away from him. Sometimes it works and sometimes it doesn't, so we're only doing it with experienced dogs where it does not matter if things fall apart, and with friends who don't care whether things are always perfect. I'm also still working on his driving, even though plans to trial him are pretty much gone. Ryme does try though, so I don't give up on him. When he has worked, he is happier and that much I can do for him. We're lucky that he has places to go and work. It's not all what I had in mind for him five years ago but it's been a learning experience.

This has been a hard week, with work and the daylight hours so short. The weekend is most welcome, for all! The boys all got to work today and everyone was pretty rough around the edges what with time off, plus the unusually cold weather and the brisk wind to puff them up (and the sheep). Chiefie enjoyed a ride in the warm cab of the truck to the feed store to buy hay and dog food. And at least we got a little rain overnight. We'll bundle up and see what tomorrow brings and maybe with it some smoother dog work.


Ann said...

Ryme reminds me of someone I know!

Billy said...

Thanks, it helps to know others work with dogs who are sometimes a challenge. It is frustrating and sad because Ryme has all the skills for Pro-Novice and is on full whistles, etc... but cannot handle most trial situations. I have not taught him to shed because it seems we will never trial anyway and can't do PN let alone Open. He does great farm work, but unfortunately we don't have a farm. I may try having him neutered and see if that helps at all...when we can afford it. --Billy