Sunday, December 8, 2013


I picked up hay yesterday so the truck was loaded. Today I was to deliver the hay to where our sheep live, so I could only take one dog with me in the cab of the truck. I took Ryme, since sometimes he gets left behind and misses his turn, and Friday was his birthday and all. So Ryme got to spend several hours with me alone. His facial expression had that soft puppy look with ears back, soft brown eyes and wanting to please, the whole time we were out together...not the hard look that he gets when he is stressed. We worked sheep and hung out with friends...and he was "soft" in his face the whole time. I hope he enjoyed himself. I had a good time just hanging with Ryme and working with him. We are still chipping away at "take time" while driving.

I'm grateful that the hay has not gone up in price again despite our drought. It's still $17.99 for a bale of alfalfa which is a lot, but it could be much more. We were trying to feed some grass hay, but with all the horses in our area, the good grass hay has gone into the twenty dollar range. So we went back to alfalfa for the sheep, as that is the cheapest. Due to the unusual cold, we are giving the sheep a bit extra.

It's so cold I have put a corduroy blanket on Chiefie, since he is 12 years old. He seems perkier with the blanket on even though I feel guilty for making him look like a silly house pet. So be it...if it keeps him more comfortable. The house is not exactly warm! The dog blankets are left over from Augie and Alix. It seems fitting in a way to pass the blankets on down, like hand me downs.  I used to put the blankets on Augie and Alix daily during the winter, when we had caregivers in the house and the dogs had to stay outside as a result. Augie and Alix were in their 'teens and I worried about them being too cold outside.

Spot got some work today with help from some very good friends, for whom I am very grateful. There are glimpses of something fantastic if we can work through it.

I hope everyone had a great weekend!

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