Sunday, December 29, 2013

Do You Get Emotional?

I liked this short article from a blog I have added to my blog list for a while, to see how I enjoy it longer term. The topic of this article is, Do you get emotional when working with your horse?

It's really good advice and a good read. Thanks to Kathy F. for the link to the article.

As they say when things get emotional the best thing to do is to put your dog up and go get a cup of tea. :-)

Do You Get Emotional?

I am really trying to modulate my voice with Spot (and the other dogs) and keep the commands light and inviting, and the corrections in that harsher tone (but not use my commands as corrections, either). Whew! Hard work, but all worth it.

Spot and I have had three sheepdog lessons in a little over two weeks' time. That plus my vacation time, to work him more, has resulted in us really getting started together as a team. Today when we worked, it really felt like I was "workin' a dog". Yes! I am very grateful.

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Kathy said...

The last clinic that I went to be quick and clear...strong in your corrections, but to sing your commands. Crisp corrections, let it go and sing your flanks.