Sunday, January 5, 2014

NCWSA Workday and Annual Meeting

We had a nice day today, helping out with the NCWSA annual meeting and work day. Coal and I helped with setout. The event was filled and everyone seemed to have a good time. I was really pleased to see so much interest in NCWSA.

Handlers were given a set number of minutes to work their dogs as they pleased. We set out the sheep as if they were in a trial. It was a good chance for people to practice in that situation.

The photo above shows how dry it is in our area. That pasture should be nice and green, by now. We are still hoping that some rain will come our way soon!

Because we were finished by about 3 PM I couldn't resist swinging by our sheep flock on my way home from the work day, to give Spot a training session. Spot did all right. It is slow progress, but still we are making progress. Spot is trying really hard and is so focused.

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