Tuesday, May 3, 2016

On a Trip to Ireland

Last night I dreamed that I was on a trip in Ireland. I was somewhere near the ocean, but it was a sheep grazing/agricultural area. I was going to meet a friend on my trip, but I had not joined her yet; I still had a ways to go to get to the place where we had agreed to meet.

I came across a man, who was a working shepherd, and his shepherd's dog, a handsome black and white rough coated male border collie. It was Bid. Bid was with this man and was his work dog. I saw Bid and called him over to me. Bid was happy and greeted me, and I petted him and talked to him and he wagged his tail. The shepherd and I had a good conversation. Bid was in great shape and in the prime of his life. Then, soon it was time for the man to go and do his work with his sheep. Bid turned and left with the man as it was his job to do. I was happy to have seen Bid and interact with him. I continued on my journey in Ireland.

My mind has been traversing a lot of varied things lately, is all I can say.

Chiefie has left the building, and we will all miss him.


Amy Coapman said...

It must have been Bid coming to tell you Chiefie was going to be just fine. Godspeed, lovely blue dog.

livin life said...

Being a promise keeper is so hard.....letting them go and finding a new way without them. Sweet memories keep them with us.....Ireland sounds like you might need to go......thinking of you...sending lots of hugs!