Sunday, May 29, 2016

3 Day Weekend

Yay, we love three-day weekends!

The contrast of the mowed and grazed field on the left, and  the same thing, ungrazed on the right was pretty amazing! It was almost over my head.

Love this photo of Coal :-) It makes me smile!
There is a little time to breathe this weekend, inbetween Memorial Day memories, and house cleaning and yard work; taking care of sheep and of course...working dogs!

Coal held sheep for a friend's younger dog to start to learn to take sheep off of a stock handler. We set it up three times and the dog did well. It will take a few more sessions for him to be proficient at it but there weren't any real problems. Coal and I were absolutely still for these first few sessions. As the dog gets more comfortable with it, we can start to act like the "bad"  (or just distracted or weary) stock-handler. :)

Spot drove a group of sheep all around the larger field where we get to work, almost all on whistles and all without incident. There were several flanks on the fly and the pace was mostly beautiful. I am so cautiously optimistic I am smiling from ear to ear. The past few weeks with Spot have been an amazing increase in his skill and reliability level. We have worked together every day now for over two weeks. I have to consult my list to see what we need to work on next! There are many skills that need re-visiting. And there are several more skills that he does not have that we need to either start or continue working on. This will require some creative thinking on my part to put together what we need to do, with the facilities and sheep that we have available to us. It is great to have this challenge. :)

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