Friday, May 6, 2016

Life Goes On...

Life without Chiefie. We are still getting used to it but it will be weird for a while. The poor other three dogs have not been out to work sheep since last weekend. They are a bit crazy. I will wait to see, after they are worked some, if they are exhibiting behavior that indicates the loss of their friend. Ryme, in particular, was Chief's daytime pal; Ryme has been acting a bit weirder than normal, but then Ryme is already weird, so who knows? :)

When someone has been with you since December 2001, that is a long time. In December 2001 everyone was still in a state of shock from the 9/11 terrorist attacks. When we went to pick up Chiefie from the airport, the security was high and the state of awareness (and fear) was noticeable. Christmas 2001, our parents were very viable and we had a fuzzy baby puppy in the house, who got dressed up in a big red bow and posed for Christmas pictures with everyone. Good times. :) But, it is a long time. Everyone has been so sweet and kind about Chiefie. I am overwhelmed.

This week has been very challenging. I had a huge work related challenge as well. That challenge now behind me (passing a professional certification test that I absolutely had to pass) I can try to re-focus again on getting my dogs worked, and Spot trained, and the others kept in shape.

We also need to get the wool off of our sheep. Our shearer has been sick but I think he is on the mend now, and our turn is bubbling up to the top of his queue. Now it is just the weather (which has had unsettled t-storms and patches of rain) that holds back the process. We, including our sheep, are all hoping it can get done soon.


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