Friday, February 8, 2019

Coal Update 2-8-2019

Coal's surgery and recuperation are now in the books. Whew. :-)

We went to his veterinarian this afternoon to have the little cosmetic "Rocky Balboa" suture removed from under his eye. She also thought his neuter incision looked very good. It is all healed up.

As it turns out, the pathology report showed that there was a tumor in each testicle, not just the enlarged one that prompted this whole ordeal. And each one was a different type of tumor. Who knew? They were both removed in the neuter surgery and the biopsy report stated that the surgery should take care of the problem. Neither tumor is known to cause further trouble in the rest of the body. Great news!

Poor guy. Coal has been all his life, Mr. Confident and Independent, and Nothing Bothers Him. But today while we waited in the foyer at the vet's office, he climbed halfway up in my lap, not once but twice. He has never done that before. Poor dude. He was a bit worried. He would not take a treat from the vet until we were all done. That is not like him but nothing major happened today for him. No more removed parts!!

I'm super happy to have my Coal back...I wish he were the young Coal but since that's not possible I will take the happy 12-year-old Coal. He seems to feel much better than prior to the operation so apparently the enlarged testicle situation was bothering him, with distention or something.

What I also noticed during his surgical recuperation was that he was much more active and sprightly while taking the pain meds that were sent home with him following surgery. I didn't really know before this happened, that he was in ongoing pain, but now I know. I started him on Duralactin (supplement) that the vet recommended, to give that a try. We got some more carprofen for "as needed use" today. If we need something more, the vet will work with us.


Kathy Flynn said...

So glad to hear that Coal is doing so well. Long live Coal!!

Billy said...

Thank you; he is pretty special to me. :-)