Sunday, June 28, 2009

Sonoma Marin Fair, or Way Too Hot

Way too hot today to go to a sheepdog trial, but of course that is what we die-hards did, despite the unusually blistering weather. It was a RESDA trial at the Sonoma-Marin Fair, a charming smaller venue in Petaluma that is filled with rich agricultural history. The arena is small, and the Barbados sheep were fit, smart and light.

Coal had a pretty decent run going, and we just about had the sheep in the pen. Only one hock dangled out before I could close the gate. But the owner of that hock decided to turn around and bolt out, leading her two friends with her so we had to try to re-pen. No such luck, and I was running "out of dog" in the heat, so after about three or four more attempts, we gave up on the pen. Under RESDA rules we retained our points up that obstacle, which is nice. So, Coal ended up in the middle of the pack and we can hope to improve our score next weekend at the Marin County Fair.

Here is a nice Coal photo that is one of several taken last weekend by our friend Lois. Thank you Lois, for such wonderful pictures! (more to come)

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