Sunday, June 14, 2009

Weekend Near Home

It's nice to have a weekend with no trials, and to stay (relatively) close to home. Starting next weekend, Coal has a trial one or both days for the following four weekends. However this weekend we were lucky to have another good lesson and practice session at Zamora with our trainer. Coal did some amazing, long, tough, tricky outruns, some shedding, some driving, and basically a lot of work. He is becoming more reliable.

Rime grew up a lot in the past week. He's more dialed in to what pleases me, and also seems to be thinking more and "just reacting" less, both of which are wonderful to see. I guess that six-month birthday meant a lot.

Chiefie seems to be feeling well. Today was kind of a day off to catch up and check some things off the to-do list. Too bad tomorrow is Monday!

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