Wednesday, June 3, 2009

Three Bags Full (Actually Eight)

There's something satisfying about doing physical tasks and taking care of animals after a long day at the office. Even more satisfying is reconnecting with what's important and being outdoors, and just being with the dogs, in the midst of realizing once again just how fragile life is.

After last night's shearing there was a big pile of wool to be dealt with. The foxtails and other grasses are still too bad to let the dogs run in the field. The dogs are really getting stir crazy as I try to dream up things for them to do for activity instead. Walking on leash at the park is pretty lame but we've been doing more of that, as well as a bit of running off leash at the park with our JRT park buddies.

Tonight while I bagged up wool, the dogs got to hang out inside the sheep pen, while the sheep stayed out in the pasture (eat faster, eat faster!!)... at least the dogs could play a little. Chief and Rime made great sport out of tugging on pieces of wool and tossing it around. Rime kept sticking his head out the holes in the fence making me wish I'd brought my camera along to capture his funny pose. Coal was incensed about being locked up in the sheep's pen while the sheep were loose. I did take Coal out for one quick check on the freshly shorn sheep but we spent only a couple of minutes out in the tall grass. After last year's foxtail incidents requiring multiple vet visits I don't want a repeat this year. Coal and I cannot wait to get back into a training routine on the sheep but I'll bet the sheep are enjoying their foxtail-induced vacation.

Lots of things have happened lately that have reminded me of the fragility of life. Big stuff, small stuff; sad stuff and happy's all forcing me to focus on what's important (and frankly to walk away from what's not).

Rest in Peace, Ernie and Monkey

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